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  1. Interesting bio
    ref your question
    Hi Tom, How do you get from Ubon to Khong Chiam, and how can you hire a boat to go along the Mekhong from there? Any suggestions?
    There a # of ways to get there, bus, motorbike, car.
    i suggest the Haad Saleung area, if not submerged, so time of year and time available matter.
    As I suggested send me an email

  2. Hey Maher. You don’t know me. I am Syed Tashfin Chowdhury. I saw your reports in Globalpost and in Asia Sentinel today. Someone needs to tell the world about the situation of Bangladeshis on the India-Bangladesh border. Most media in Bangladesh fear to write much. But you are still doing a great job. Keep up the great work. Thanks

  3. hi, i’m muyid and i’ve come to know you for a few days (no offence). and i’m proud. and surprised, too. coz i never knew of any bangladeshi correspondent working for al jazeera.

    now, the matter which is bugging me ever since is what is the procedure of applying for organizations like bbc, or al jazeerra, or even national geographic? what are the qualifications they seek? the reason i’m asking is i have a long cherished dream in working for national geographic. next comes your type of career (though i really don’t know anything about it)

    sorry for knocking u for such a selfish reason.

    Anyway, congratulations. and keep up your good work. we’ll be watching!!! 😀

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